Proven Ways to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes in 2021

Is it too late to get more Instagram likes and followers? Not at all. Instagram is providing you with more opportunities than ever to shine. It is up to you to dedicate time and effort to your IG growth strategies. If you want to build your presence and reach, you can buy Instagram followers and likes. Likewise, you can even get your social media account verification done, particularly for Instagram, as this will make your profile look notable and authentic, and in-turn generate a loyal follower-base who are likely to engage with your content.

Here, we have compiled some proven ways to get more Instagram followers and likes –

1. Post Consistently

A surefire way to get more followers and likes is to be consistent with your posts and specific about the time and days you put out content. Instagram Insights is a powerful feature that can throw some light on the best times your audience is online. You can use these insights to decide on when to post. The best way to nail the timing of your posts is to consider when people will think of your brand.  If you are a travel blogger, your content is likely to receive maximum traction over the weekend and during public holidays. You should test and analyze the results in order to identify what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. You should give priority to the quality of your posts rather than quantity alone.

2. Run Contests

Running contests can be quite a successful strategy for amassing a large following on IG. To gain participation in a contest, you can ask visitors to follow you, tag a friend, and write a comment. If the contest is fun and people deem it worthy, they will follow you in return. You can even politely encourage your followers to create user-generated content, as this can help you reach a broader audience in a shorter time. You have the option of availing Instagram growth service from a trusted agency that can help you run contests, which can increase your follower count by the thousands.

3. Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

Hashtags can mean a lot on Instagram and while using about 11 of them is sufficient, you must focus on trending and relevant ones. People can even follow them. And, if your hashtags are something people want, your brand will show on their feeds, which means more followers on the way! You can create a hashtag with your brand name, event, product name, and so on. But don’t leave it at that. Think of coupling it with engagement. For instance, Dee Campling used the trending hashtag #wfh.

4. Collaborate with Brands and Influencers

A tried and tested way to increase followers and likes is to collaborate with influencers and brands relevant to your niche. When done in conjunction with your effort to buy Instagram followers and likes with help from an agency, it can have numerous benefits. Both parties will benefit from this collaboration as your followers will find out about the other brand and vice versa. Make sure you only choose those brands and influencers that cater to the industry you belong to. This will ensure the best marketing results for both sides. You are likely to get more followers and likes when you associate yourself with the right people.

5. Promote your Instagram

You can’t get more likes and followers if your Instagram account isn’t mentioned elsewhere. You should have a link to your IG on your official website and other social networks. This is particularly true if you are a small business and want to create awareness of your brand. If you have a notable presence on other social networks, promote your IG profile there so people can follow you and engage with your content. Asking people to follow you might not make them want to listen to you. But if you offer them something valuable, they are more likely to stick to your profile.


You can buy permanent Instagram followers, but you must build relationships with your followers to have a long-term authority on the platform. If you consider to buy Instagram followers and likes, approach a top Instagram growth service provider. Just ensure the agency organically increases your followers and is legitimate and trustworthy. With the tips outlined above and by taking the help of a digital PR, you can make a mark on Instagram with consistent efforts and smart decisions.


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