Six Ways To Analyze Your PPC Competitors

If you blindly develop your PPC strategies, your campaigns will struggle, and you’ll end up wasting valuable resources. It’s also very important that you consider the current environment when creating your PPC strategies since you won’t know what is happening in the market today or tomorrow.

However, there is one good piece of news—you can easily automate the PPC competitor analysis. There are various advantages of using competitive analysis. For example, checking into your competition’s possible targets and messages can increase creativity when you least expect it.

Want to learn more? Let explore the key ways to analyze your competitor’s PPC performance, so that you can better optimize your own campaigns.

1. Uncover the USP’s of Your Competitors

The ad copies need to be such that they should capture the attention of potential customers. This is a very important factor, which is why USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) are often placed directly in search ads.

Why Is This Important?

The first thing you will understand with your competitor’s analysis is the key messages being sent to their audiences. If you want to stand above your competition, you need to understand the messages being sent by your competitors so that you can create something that stands out better.

With the help of PromoNavi’s Competitor Analysis Tool, you will have access to all the ad copies for the niche you are looking for. Furthermore, the Competitor’s Paid Ads section will allow you to go through the ad copies of your competitors so that you get an idea of how to frame a unique and better USP.

2. Find PPC Keywords that You May Have Missed

There is always a possibility that your competitors are using keywords that you have probably missed. Therefore, finding new keywords is crucial for increasing audience reach.

Therefore, it only makes sense to discover and leverage these missing keywords to your advantage. Generally, getting these tasks automated is always better because it saves time and avoids human error—one great tool for the job is the PromoNavi Competitor Analysis Tool.

Understanding how it works is very easy—you first need to simply run the analysis and scroll to the bottom of the report. Here, you will find all the keywords used by your competitors that you have missed.

PromoNavi will help you download and create a keyword list after the keyword research. Additionally, you can also add new keywords to this list. If you want to learn how to manage several keyword lists, you can read this guide.

3. New Ideas for Ad Creative Visualization

Looking into the visual creatives of your competitors will help you understand the type of banners they make for their campaigns. When you pay attention to the designs, you will discover a lot of factors like key messages, the overall design of the ad, and even possible drawbacks.

You can use PromoNavi to analyze the campaign banners of your competitors. For example, in the Competitor’s Paid Ads section, you will find all the creatives of your competitors on the Image ads and the HTML ads tabs.

You can view the designs in a table format or download them as well. You will also see various other key points like the date of the ad detection, the country, popularity, and the landing page URL.

4. Get Clarity About the Keyword Strategies Used by Your Competitors

Today, there are no ways of knowing how keywords are organized by your competitors across the ads groups and match types being used. However, we can still use some stats for insight, such as the total paid traffic amount and the number of keywords.

The Traffic-Keywords map will allow you to compare this data so that you can decipher whether the competitors are running their ads for low-, mid-, or high-volume keywords.

Let us take a look at an example below:

From the image above, you will understand that the site is using high-volume keywords if it is driving a lot of traffic for a small number of keywords, and vice versa. Of course, some factors can really affect traffic, like the bid strategy and the Quality Score.

5. Avoid Irrelevant Keywords Used by Your Competitors

Of course, it is important to take a look at the keywords once you download your competitor’s PPC keywords. This is because your competitors may not be dealing in the same services as you are.

PromoNavi’s Competitor Analysis list will help you save time eliminating irrelevant keywords by hiding any groups of irrelevant options. All you need to do is tap on the eligible keywords and hide all other options that include them. This will save you a lot of time and remove keywords not relevant to your business.

6. Keeping a Watch on the Keyword and Ad Updates of Your Competitors

To create the best PPC strategy, you need to get done with a PPC Competitor Analysis before getting started with your campaign. Of course, your competitors will keep changing their strategies from time to time, which is why you will have to run the analysis again.

One of the best ways to stay updated with the PPC changes of your competitors is to subscribe to PromoNavi’s updates. Then, all you need to do is tap on the Notify Me button on their website and enter your email address. After that, you should start receiving their email notifications immediately.

The Recent Searches section in PromoNavi’s Competitor Analysis tool

Final Thoughts

If you want to create the best PPC strategy, then competitor analysis will come in handy for your campaigns. PromoNavi will provide you with everything you need to make the most effective decisions regarding PPC strategies like creating ad copies, preparing a keyword list, setting up bidding, and more.

Automation is the name of the game in today’s time. With the help of PromoNavi, you will save a lot of time while having access to numerous profitable insights that you would otherwise not get from the default Google Ads reports.


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