Social media, a new form of marketing for business

A social network is a place to exchange knowledge, and information and build relationships through the Internet world. At present, social networks influence everyday life, not only the general public. But including many business sectors are exciting and essential to make social networks a tool for finding and communicating to various users. to motivate customers Build confidence in products and services as well as improve the quality of the brand as well

For social media marketing, it is a marketing strategy through communication for communication to the target group By using the principles of advertising, public relations, sales, and others through social media service providers such as Facebook (Facebook), Twitter (Twitter), Youtube (Youtube), Flickr, etc. You can search, connect, and plan campaigns. Go to these users for an opportunity to expand your business. Best Social Plan is very important to develop your business.

Four techniques for choosing social media in online marketing

1. Reach and Awareness ( Reach & Awareness ) 

If you just opened a new business or want to publicize news, promotions, create an image, or launch new products, social media marketing should be considered in this regard. It should be a platform that encourages easy access and awareness of information of target customers. It is a popular platform. It has the highest number of users in the country, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Line, Instagram, and trending with all the emerging platforms such as TikTok, Google Business to create awareness and recognition. You can do it too because it does not focus on sales at this stage. Instead, it focuses more on delivering valuable content to educate customers and followers.

2. Encourage interaction between brands and customers ( Engagement )

If you want to encourage engagement with what is presented through Content that asks questions that raise doubts, want to express opinions in the minds of customers or followers. What should be presented should be Content Poll, Vote, Ask for Opinions, or spurring people’s curiosity will lead to more engagement. Therefore, the selected social media must create good engagement and support matters such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that can bring various information. To be used as database to analyze the balance on goods and services of the brand even further because of the Account caused by the absence of one absolute reliability level. So best social plan is essential for your business.

3. Building a customer database ( Lead Generation)

To create a customer database, The social media chosen must have a credible or reassuring image to a certain extent and be conducive to accepting customer engagement to reach customers and build a customer database for further marketing through advertising, sales, and filling out questionnaires. In exchange for specific discounts, rewards, promotions, or privileges, It should be considered from a platform that can meet such needs such as Facebook, Instagram that is reliable.

4. Target for selling ( Sell)

No matter what kind of marketing, In the end, it must be able to generate sales. To sell on social media, The platform you choose should be familiar with your customers’ daily lives. Reliable and has a reliable payment system Because in trading, what people are worried about is payment. Some people are afraid of online payments, fear being deceived, and are cheated so they won’t close the sale quickly. Requires Direct Message to help to ask questions and talk, relieve the worry of tracking the product, and bring familiarities like Messenger Facebook, Line, and Instagram Direct.

However, marketing through social media can have multiple campaigns With different goals; therefore, carefully consider the budget for marketing. For example, setting a budget for various campaigns will allow entrepreneurs to control their marketing expenses because otherwise, The money spent may not be worth what you get. And finally, the business owner should know about online marketing as well to be able to analyze various matters, including setting guidelines for the marketing team to take to the top.


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