The advantages of a gaming PC and how to put one together

Gamers will always debate the pros and cons of the different platforms you can play on. The fact is that today there are more options than ever for computer gaming, and there’s no reason why you have to choose just one. From PCs to smartphones, consoles to laptops and tablets, different devices are right for different circumstances. You won’t get high-end graphics and full sound on your phone, despite the fact that mobile gaming is improving all the time. But equally, you can’t take your full gaming PC to play Fortnite on the train.

What’s best?

The question of what the best machine is to play games on depends on what you want it for. You can access Michigan Online Casinos on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC and you’ll have the same high-quality experience however you connect. One of the reasons people love online casinos is that you can play wherever you are, 24 hours a day, for as long as you want, so these games are ideally suited to mobile devices. However, high-end, premium video games that take up a lot of memory and processing power are played to the best of their capabilities on a current-generation console or gaming PC.

Convenience, portability and of course, affordability are all important factors to consider when choosing a gaming machine. But putting all of those things to one side for a moment, if your main criteria is getting the best possible gaming experience from the latest top-end games, then a really good gaming PC is the way to go.

PC vs. Console

There are many who will insist that the console is the king of gaming platforms, and certainly the latest PlayStation and Xbox are expressly designed to best serve the video games developed for them. But a good gaming PC can not only equal the capabilities of a console in nearly every respect, but it can also do so much more besides. 

The next frontier of gaming is online, where there are almost no limits to what can be achieved, and a gaming PC is the best way to access games on the cloud. And while there’s something to be said for just doing one thing extremely well, a gaming PC isn’t just for gaming. Its excellent graphics, sound and processing power will basically make everything you use a desktop computer for better, from streaming movies and music to using design tools like Photoshop.

Is bigger better?

There have been some great leaps forward recently in the area of gaming laptops. They’re more powerful than ever at the same time as they are becoming slimmer and lighter. With smartphones also adding more features, more processing power and bigger screens, the tablet is effectively being squeezed out of the mobile market from both sides. Today’s gaming laptop combines the portability of the iPad with the power and versatility of a desktop PC. What’s not to like?

The answer is that yes, laptops today are impressive, but if you’re happy for your gaming station to stay in one place, then you’re still better off with a PC. The reason? A PC is potentially much more powerful than even the best gaming laptop. Because they are bigger, they can fit in better cooling systems, and this means they can run at faster speeds. 

Think of the future

A PC is faster and generally has more cores, giving you better performance in games and all kinds of apps. Also, with a laptop everything, is built in, so the only way to upgrade is to replace the whole device. With a gaming PC, you can add a graphics card that’s much faster than the equivalent laptop chip. You can add a 4k monitor if you want, or extra screens, or plug in a VR headset. Being able to upgrade or replace components one at a time effectively future-proofs your PC and means that it’s scalable according to your needs and budget at any time. 

Getting started

So you’re convinced of the merits of a gaming PC: how do you go about acquiring one? The most straightforward option, though not the cheapest, would be to just buy one off the shelf. Another possibility is to get one custom-built to your requirements. A third option is to do it yourself, either starting from scratch or simply upgrading your current PC.

In any case, the first question you need to ask is what will you be using your gaming PC for? There’s no point paying for a lot of power and capabilities that you’re never going to use. Do you want to be able to play the latest games at their maximum graphics settings, or are you happy to play at high or medium quality? If it’s the latter, then buying a super-powerful graphics card won’t make any real difference to your actual experience of playing.


If you’re upgrading your PC one component at a time, it’s important to consider compatibility. For instance, modern graphics cards only have HDMI and display port outputs. An older monitor that you’ve had for five years or more (or bought second-hand) may only have DVI inputs, meaning the latest graphic cards can’t be used. You can buy a DVI-HDMI adapter, but it might be easier to get a new monitor. In any case, remember to check your ports!

Similarly, an older motherboard may not be able to accommodate a new CPU (because it doesn’t have the right socket) or even extra RAM. In this case, make sure that your motherboard can handle at least DDR4, which should be fine for most applications.

Upgrading your memory with added RAM and installing at least one SSD as your primary drive are key steps in upgrading to a gaming PC. You’ll also want a graphics card with at least 4GB of VRAM. Some games might need 6-8GB for their highest quality setting, but in most cases 4GB will be plenty.

If portability isn’t a must, a good gaming PC will give you the most options in terms of the full gaming experience. Building a rig to your own specifications will be a labor of love that you’ll never regret.  


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