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Money makes the world go round. It gives us experience and it gives us shelter. Most noticeably though, it gives us a lifestyle and a way of living we can only expect with the amount of money we have at the moment. Since these assets are key in the way we live, it’s important we understand how we can generate more of them without sacrificing too much of ourselves. After all, it shouldn’t become the center of our lives.

When it comes to generating money without sacrificing much of our time, we can look to the stock market and other types of investment platforms to make money from our money. It takes time to learn about the investment skill, but once you hone them, you’ll be sure to take the market by storm. There are many resources you can use to help you make the best decisions when investing in the stock market. Here are our top picks.


Serious investors should consider investing in a viable proxy server. This is crucial before getting started for a variety of reasons. A proxy server increases data speed drastically and reduces the risk of getting spied on. This is possible since a proxy server masks your actual IP.

When investing, you will want to look at what’s being offered by everyone in your scope. This means that you need to learn more about your companies, understand their history, and see where their trends are taking them. Many serious investors make use of resources on the internet to help them make this decision. One of the top sites to look into trends is Finance Charts. This company is an innovative way to study the market and make the best investing decisions possible. It’s equipped with stock research of over 20 years and even shows which top companies will gain you the most profits. It also shows you who the top losers are in the market so you don’t make any mistakes when putting your money in their pockets. The website also has charts to compare the best performers in the last 12 months and it also dips into the ETF’s realm. They offer a mobile app so you can take the charts wherever you go and make quick but smart decisions about your investments. With FinanceCharts, you’ll make the market work for you and take that long-awaited vacation you’ve always dreamed of.


Another resource many serious investors use is podcasts. Podcasts are the new books, and if there’s a book, there’s bound to be a podcast reading it like an audiobook or explaining the magic behind it. For those investors who don’t necessarily have the time to sit and read a book, they can play an episode of their favorite finance podcast to stay on top of the market, news, and trends. Listening to a podcast about investing can help you learn about the process of committing money or capital to an endeavor while obtaining an additional income or profit. You can always get insights into the buying and selling of assets for beginners or experienced investors alike. Different podcasts provide different perspectives on the market’s status so you can make measured decisions the next time you invest.


Another great way to learn more about the stock market is through YouTube. YouTube has provided a portal to success to any investor who’s looking to join other investors live as the markets open or close. You can also join other serious investors live to study things like FinanceCharts, price forecasts, price security, and other trading activity that affects how their stocks perform. You can also use YouTube to learn more about specific investing topics like portfolio management, retirement accounts, and company-related investments. There are many investment terms that serious investors should get acclimatized with and YouTube is one great way for visual learners to catch that info.

Try these aforementioned resources out so you too can grow as a serious investor and secure a successful future in the stock market.

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