The Best Ways to Manage Your Back Pain Issues

Back pain is one of the most common issues for people nowadays—especially those corporate jobholders who have to sit on a chair for long hours. 

Nowadays, even young children are suffering from such issues due to a long time sitting at the study table to prepare for their major exams. 

Even athletes and sportspeople suffer from severe back injury and pain due to long practice sessions or after an intensive match. 

I recommend you go through a thorough check-up if the pain is severe, but if it’s not extreme, then a few home remedies and easy methods can give you the best relief. 

Therefore, in this article, I’ll tell you all the ins and outs of the best ways through which you can easily manage your back pain issues. 

Keep Moving

Especially during this pandemic situation, many people are sitting around in their homes, which can result in back pain. 

Even many doctors recommend that people stay active and fit during this time of quarantine as this “sitting” habit can cause further problems in the future. 

Therefore, try to keep yourself active by doing movement and various other activities to keep your body joints moving. 

You can take a half-an-hour walk with your dog in the park or go around for a circle with your bicycle. And if there are restrictions within your area due to the COVID virus spread. Then just do some short and simple exercises that have a direct connection with your feet and your spine. 

Try to Keep A Good Posture

It’s essential that you keep a good posture at all times, whether you are sitting or standing. Sometimes back pain can be the result of wrong postures.

You can always go for straps, stretchy bands, or even tapes to keep a proper alignment with your spine. Try to aim your head to keep it centered over the pelvis, and don’t slouch the crane of your chin forwards. 

If you are someone who has sat in front of the computer for long hours, try to rest both your arms and chest on the desk or table. And do make sure to keep your eyes balanced at all times on the screen. 

And do make sure that you don’t sit on the computer for too long as it can be the result of severe back pain. Stretch and walk at a regular interval, as it will keep your back straight and well moved. 

Light Therapy Can Help With the Pain

Initially, light therapy was designed to help people with depression, stress, and insomnia. But as this device got advanced, it was found that this device can also be used for various other purposes like skincare treatments, muscle mass growth, and many more. 

In fact, red light therapy also helps to relieve pain. Even this therapy can be used to cure people with chronic back and hip pain as well. When this therapy is applied, it increases the availability of oxygen that can treat the cells, which also increases the immune cells into your tissues. This helps with accelerated healing. Therefore, this is the reason why red light therapy can be used to help your back pain. 

But I’ll highly recommend that before you start on with this therapy, do have a talk with your doctor as he can provide you with all the necessary ins and outs of whether or not you need this therapy. 

Maintain Your Weight

Your weight can also be one of the reasons for your back pain. If you have some extra pounds in your body, you can end up having back issues. 

Try to lose some weight, and you can do this by following a healthier diet and making sure that you exercise on a regular basis. And I’ll highly suggest you stay away from such food rich in cholesterol and fat like bacon, beef, and various other fast foods. 

Cut Down Smoking

In various research, it has been found that if you are a regular smoker, there are four times more chances for you to develop back pain than non-smokers.

This is because the nicotine in cigarettes and various other tobacco can surely deteriorate your spinal bones and also take away the essential nutrients from your joints and spongy disks. 

If you can cut down on this habit, you’ll indeed have a more fit and flexible body. Moreover, your muscles and bones will be less sore and stiff. 

Go for Heat And Ice

You must have heard that ice and heat play a vital role in relieving your chronic back issues. 

The reality is it’s one of the best kinds of remedies to cure your back pain and various other joint pains

Now the question is which type is better, ice or heat?

It entirely depends on your comfort. If you feel comfortable and relieved using ice, then ice can be the better pain reliever for your case. And if you think hot water or heat relieves your pain, then this can be your choice. 

But I’ll recommend heating as one of the best relievers because it actually relaxes your stiff muscles. 

Therefore, it’s entirely up to which type of treatment you choose. But make sure that no matter which treatment you go for, keep it at a session of 20 minutes. And never use them if you have already applied some sort of pain-relief cream on your muscles. 

Bottom Line

Back pains can indeed be a headache for many people, and if it’s severe, they can also cause long-lasting problems. 

So if you see that your pain is getting unbearable, don’t wait for these remedies to do you any magic. Go and directly consult with an expert as he can tell you the best treatment in your case. 

There are many cases where these back pains even resulted in many severe and permanent problems. So don’t take these back pains lightly. 

I hope this article will help you to know all the best ways to manage your back pain issues.


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