The Ultimate Tips for Working Moms: How to Balanced Work and Household Chores

Being a mother indeed can be the ultimate thing that makes a woman feel her happiest, but it’s not too much to say that it can also be the very thing that can make them feel tired and full of fatigue.

Especially so for a working mother, it is not a rare situation to feel a bit overwhelmed with your day-to-day situation. On top of the work responsibility, a mother should also divide her limited time to take care of the whole family, and sort out all the house chores. Moreover, if you do not have proper support to assist you, it is so easy to end up feeling stressed out and unable to cope with the burden you have to face.

If left unchecked, the consequences can be fatal. It can affect your physical and mental health. It can also make you unable to be 100% present for your children, thus it may give a negative effect on the children’s growth and development.

But worry not, nowadays it is easier for women to do their dual role. They can still try to strive for a better career, while being able to manage all of the household chores effectively. Keep on reading to know all the tips that working mothers need to know so that work and household affairs can run smoothly!

1.  Make a Daily To-Do List

The first useful thing that a working mother can do to ensure she can tackle all of the tasks, be it for work or house chores,  is by creating a daily to-do list.

As a working mother, managing your time may not be as easy. There are lots of pressing matters you have to do, thus you often forget about what to do first altogether. Therefore, by making a list of activities for a day, you can find out what work needs to be done and use the list as a guideline.

2.  Determine Priority What Must Be Done

While creating the to-do list, you must determine the priority that must be done first. It is important to arrange the task based on the scale of priority. Thus, you can create a structured schedule and follow it through. Creating a to-do list based on a scale of priority will help the office work and house chores to be completed on time.

3.  Dividing Tasks with Other Family Members

Household affairs will be completed more quickly if done together. So, try to share household chores with other family members, such as your spouse or children.  Everyone must work together and be disciplined in following through with their task. Put the list on the wall, thus everyone can see it. You can also offer rewards for your children who successfully carry out all of their duties without having to be reminded. This can help to make them more enthusiastic to participate.

4.  Do Grocery Shopping Online

Shopping directly at supermarkets will certainly take up a lot of your time. Thus, it is best if you shop for your weekly or monthly needs through online shopping services. Post-pandemic there are lots of affordable online shopping services that you can utilize. On top of that, usually online shopping markets offer lots of discount vouchers that can be utilized. Thus, your shopping can be more effective and affordable at the same time.

5.  Purchase Modern Electronic Devices for House Cleaning

Sweeping and cleaning the house will certainly be much easier if there is an electronic device that can help, such as a robotic vacuum cleaner. This smart device can automatically clean the house even when you are doing other things. There are many choices of products, you can purchase based on your needs or budget.

6.  Have Enough Sleep

Amid your daily life as a working mom, don’t forget to set time to have proper rest and sleep each night. Don’t do all-nighters every day, because you want to catch up on work tasks that you have not finished. Doing this can instead make you feel tired, thus affecting your work for the next day.

By having enough sleep, you will have enough energy and stamina to do your task the next day. You will also have a better mood after having a good night’s sleep, thus you can arrange your emotions better to be a presence for your family.

7.  Set a Working Space If You Do WFH

If you are allowed to work from home by the office, you should set up a specialized working space to utilize at home. Creating a conducive place to work, can help you to be more productive in tackling each of your work tasks. Home conditions are certainly different from the office, thus it can be very easy for you to slide into procrastination mode, and keep delaying your work responsibilities. This is not good and can jeopardize your career instead.

Let your family know that when you are in your working space, they should not bother you – in case it is urgent. Gently let your young children know that you need time to finish your work responsibility first, and afterward you can be present for them too.

8.  Hire Cleaning Services

If you don’t have time or energy to finish all the household chores, it is okay for you to find professional cleaning services that can help you out. There are lots of Singapore part time maids that you can hire on a weekly or monthly basis. With their help, you don’t have to worry that you are neglecting household chores or letting your family live in an unhealthy environment. You can rest assured that everything will be clean and spotless, and you can focus your energy on your family and work tasks.

Balancing work activities with household chores is not easy.  But by following the tips that we mentioned above, you can definitely do it!



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