Things you should know before buying any smartphone

Smartphones are an integral part of everyday lives, with an estimated 760 million users in India by 2021. With each passing day, better features and advanced technologies are being installed in smartphones. Therefore, one can choose from a diverse range of options. 

You can now get your hands on the best smartphones without hurting your budget. However, you must understand what your priorities are before looking for an ideal mobile. This is why you must follow a proper OPPO mobile buying guide for assistance.

Points to know before purchasing a smartphone

Try not to rush while buying a new smartphone. Take your time and keep the following points in mind to buy the best smartphone within your budget-

  • Importance of a good battery life

Smartphones with a longer battery backup and fast charging are crucial these days. Applications you use daily can drain out mobile batteries at a fast rate. This can end up having your phone dead when you still need to use it. You can buy Oppo mobiles under 10000 with special chargers, which can charge a battery up to 50% within a few minutes.

  • Best available models within your budget

Surf the internet thoroughly to know which models from which smartphone companies are available within your budget. You can then delve into the features, tally them, and then shortlist the best smartphone. If you are looking for Oppo mobiles under 10000, you will have plenty to choose from.

  • Storage capacity

Adequate storage capacity is essential given the number of apps such phones hold today. The standard capacity of storage is 64 GB on lower-end smartphones. But you can get expandable storage up to 256 GB in OPPO mobiles under 10000.

  • Phone processor

The performance of smartphones depends primarily on their CPU. A high-quality processor ensures seamless mobile functions. You can go through a mobile buying guide to learn more about processors. 

  • Security features

Preserving and protecting your data, information, etc., on your smartphone is crucial. Look out for advanced security features like fingerprint or iris sensors in a smartphone. Mobiles equipped with the latest features could be priced high. But you can still make them affordable if you are a member of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, where one can select from over 1 million products.

  • Display

Never ignore the importance of a good smartphone display screen. You must opt for a full-HD or QHD display for the best smartphone experience.

  • Keep an eye on the launch calendar

Smartphone companies keep launching latest models from time to time. But you can expect most launches during March and November. You could also follow the social handles of the smartphone companies to know their upcoming launches.

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In 2021, you can look out for some of the best Oppo mobiles under 10000. This includes Oppo A5S, Oppo A7, Oppo A83, Oppo A5, Oppo A71, Oppo A37, Oppo A1K, and Oppo A3S. You can also gain financial assistance through Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase a smartphone without hurting your savings. You can pay for your smartphone within two years of its purchase. You can check this info to get the best hearing impaired phone

A number of special financial benefits is also provided by reputed NBFCs to assist their customers. These benefits make way for a smooth and hassle-free experience of availing funds. You can check your pre-approved offer right away by mentioning your name and mobile number on the webpage. 

A better way to purchase a smartphone is to make a checklist of your preferred specifications. Then, see which mobile phones best suit your needs. You will also get to experience the best features in all Oppo mobiles under 10000.

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