Top 5 latest sarees To Try Out This Season.

If you want to know the latest trends and designs for sarees of the season, you have come to the right place! Sarees have sheer elegance and are one of the most common yet popular attire worn across the country. You can wear it as a regular day outfit or in the name of tradition. An Indian saree fits all the events.

Apart from the rest, the fitting beauty saree in India varies from region to region concerning the climate, tradition, beliefs, and colour design. A saree is designed uniquely and Shades to symbolise the culture and heritage of the particular state.

You can even wear the Indian saree on various occasions such as Diwali, Karva Chauth, weddings and other auspicious days known for their traditional value. The trends in sarees may come and go, but over the years, India has still managed to keep the spirit of culture and tradition alive.

Top 5 sarees You should try

Each saree represents a different type of Indian ethnic saree group. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of must-have Indian sarees for your wardrobe. They have the ability to change any woman into a gorgeous woman in just a minute.

  • Georgette saree

Georgette sarees are another latest saree on the rise. It is a sheer, lightweight and silky finish. They are versatile, easy to drape and are not uncomfortable to move around as well. Georgette material originated due to demand for a more robust and durable fabric than chiffon. Georgette is transparent but a bit heavier and more durable than chiffon.

Embroidered Georgette sarees are designer saree that can produce a beautiful ethnic look. Since it is lightweight, and even if heavy embroidery work is done on the saree, it will still be comparatively light and comfortable compared to other sarees. They have an elegantly rich and royal look, suitable for both simple and party wear depending on the type of embroidery work done on them.

You can drape georgette sarees in numerous ways, such as mermaid style, Mumtaz style, belt style, dhoti style pant style and much more. You can even pair them with different blouses to produce a different look. Pairing it with the right accessories in makeup can create the look you desire, traditional or modern.

  • Organza saree

Organza saree is a fantastic fabric that is being created with much more dedication in creativity. It originated from the earlier generation, and the class is only levelled up so far. These sheer sarees are a befitting choice for all those contemporary brides and bridesmaids. The sophistication and execution exhibit the grace of European culture with our traditional roots. Our country is always creating unique clothing with the inspiration gained in the Western world, and the delicate layers of organza fabric are one of them.

One can find floral work done on an organza saree and a blouse with the saree design. It elevates the look and also achieves a tremendous affluent look. It’s a drapery that is only appropriate for millennials, but this Royal Shield cloth is the light for all elite people. it may be a plain cloth, but behind it lies a world of supreme subtlety and luxury.

  • Velvet saree

Velvet sarees are everyone’s best friend during winters. They provide warmth and can be draped in multiple ways. We love velvet blouses and lehengas. It can be in a nauvari manner; your usual bridal drape and velvet sarees never seemed to disappoint. The fibre used in making velvet sarees is natural or synthetic, creating variations in the material. The most famous velvet fabric includes Silk thread and weaving. But nowadays, to make it affordable, the manufacturers are using polyester and nylon thread as an alternative in making velvet sarees.

Velvet sarees have their unique charm. They take you thousands of years back in history and heritage and will not forget the richness quotient thanks to the fabric. The sheen in the velvet sarees has a classic appeal in terms of texture. They are durable and grip well around the body. Velvet looks rich as silk, so you can choose to wear it with sarees at weddings occasion or on any other special day. The popular colours for velvet sarees are wine, purple, maroon and bottle green. You can find these Indian sarees online.

  • Pastel silk sarees

Silk sarees are considered one of the most evergreen saree patterns for Indian ladies of all ages. The luxurious touch on the silk is good enough to leave a long-lasting impression on the crowd as per the latest saree trends in 2022. Pastel-coloured silk sarees are getting quite popular among women, especially teenagers. Pastel sarees also include dark colours in their light use, such as blue-green lavender and very light Orange, Coral, and Turquoise in the pale and subdued versions.

Indian weddings are not complete without the pink and red coloured bridal sarees and attire, but in recent times there has been a pleasant turnaround. The brides are willing to experiment with pastel colours. Shades like lilac and peach come as successfully tried-out alternatives for the usual bridal saree. While the effect may not be the same, there is a new freshness to the look, which is more appealing, and the brides look resplendent. They are ideal for women of all skin tones and body types and can match your style statement no matter what you decide to pair with.

  • Floral embroidery saree

If you do not like to drape your sarees, then this type of readymade saree is bliss. Floral prints are in competition with other dominant patterns and styles of sarees available in the market. Floral print sarees accommodate many frills and elements like embroidery designs and intricate floral motives.

Fashion brands recently showcased exotic floral designs on the premium saree range. Floral embroidery saree and nothing less than the perfect masterpiece are available in different designs, patterns and motives that can make you look stunning for all occasions. Even in the race of upcoming trends in sarees, floral embroidery saree designs managed to hold the concrete place.

These are some of the fantastic latest saree trends that have been taking over the fashion world by storm, which does not stop there. Our fashionistas are finding every way possible to recreate the glorious outfits from the ancient past. You can enjoy the latest trends by buying sarees online.


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