Top 7 Best Instagram Hashtag Strategy for Your Business

Even though the social media hashtags were invented by Twitter, Instagram unlocked its true potential. Nowadays, marketers are focusing to create an Instagram hashtag strategy to increase the visibility of their businesses. Apart from categorizing the content, Instagram hashtags increase engagement, brand awareness and most importantly, helps you to get new followers.

If you want to utilize the full capabilities of Instagram for your business, you need to use relevant hashtags in your posts. As per research, it’s been stated that Instagram post containing at least one hashtag receives 70% more likes than posts without hashtags.

Despite the huge competition on social media platforms, Instagram hashtags are still extremely effective at driving your social media campaigns. Hashtags will also boost your reach on the platform.

However, using meaningful, effective, and appropriate hashtag is not an easy task to complete. One single mistake and your Instagram hashtag strategy will be ruined completely. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best Instagram hashtag strategies for your business.

Location-Based Hashtags

Location-based hashtags are one of the most common and most effective types of hashtags on Instagram. This hashtag marketing tactic is new and it can help you to target more relevant audiences. As per Studio Seaside, location-based hashtags are useful especially for small and local businesses that want to attract the attention of people from any particular area or region.

When you use location-based hashtags, you’ll be able to reach your local audiences quickly as only the people from that particular area will follow the hashtags of that area. For instance, if you use a location-based hashtag #californiarestaurant, the people from California will follow the hashtags and will be interested in your restaurant. This way you can connect with people who don’t follow you but might be interested in your branding. If hashtags aren’t generating enough leads for your business, buy 10 Instagram likes.

Branded Hashtags

While there are many marketing tactics capable of generating leads, none of them are as effective as using branded hashtags. Creating your own branded hashtags and using them consistently across all social media platforms will undoubtedly boost the exposure of your business.

Branded hashtags will distinguish your content from your competitors. It works like a trademark for your post. When people notice your branded hashtag, they will know that the content is uploaded by you. Not only they will stay updated, but also they can keep track of all your posts.

Branded hashtags might include your brand tagline, name, slogan, campaign name, product names, etc. You can use multiple branded hashtags to promote your business, brand, events, products, and services. Remember that campaign-specific hashtags are the most effective type of branded hashtags.

Hashtags that Feature Your Content on the Explore Tab

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has an explore tab where users discover their relevant topics of interest. You can find content on Instagram explore tab by categories or topics. These include travel, food, beauty, décor, DIY, style, etc.

The categories are shown to users based on their online preferences and behaviors. If you want to feature your business on these, you need to use hashtags related to these categories. To find the perfect hashtags, browse through the content of your category. This will improve the chances of your business being featured there.

Hashtags to Receive User-Generated Content

This is the most famous type of branded hashtag of your hashtag marketing strategies for your business. Some brands develop hashtags and encourage their followers to use those hashtags on their posts. But, the posts need to be related to the business.

With the help of these hashtags, businesses can get user-generated content that they can utilize in many different ways. From promoting your brand to wearing products of your brand, content can contain user-generated hashtags.

Getting user-generated content is very important for your business. Apart from that, it will boost the effectiveness of your business on Instagram. However, make sure that the user-generated hashtags are appropriate. Otherwise, you might end up targeting irrelevant customers for your business on Instagram.

Start Hashtag Challenges

This is another extraordinary hashtag marketing campaign that will help you to boost the discoverability of your Instagram content. All you have to do is to start the Instagram hashtag challenges and promote them.

Challenges are extremely popular on Instagram and they have higher chances to go viral. Hashtags will help you with the process so that you can promote your business to a wider audience.

One thing you need to know about hashtag challenges is that you need to promote the word about the challenges. If your followers could not know about the challenges, they won’t be able to participate. Apart from that, hashtag challenges will allow you to keep the track of your progress.

Trending Hashtags

This is the most traditional hashtag marketing technique that every business owner needs to use. This allows you to use trending or popular keywords from your industry or niche as hashtags. The primary goal of the trending hashtags is to maximize the reach of your Instagram content. The trending hashtags also make sure that your content is being watched by relevant audiences.

For instance, if you happen to have a food shop or a restaurant business and you want to promote it on Instagram, you need to use hashtags such as #foodpics or #instafoods. These hashtags are extremely famous and they have millions of followers. So, upon using these hashtags, you can easily promote your business on Instagram.

However, as these hashtags are popular, your content might get lost in the crowd. This is why you need to combine the trending hashtags with niche hashtags.

Niche Hashtags

Unlike branded hashtags that are famous worldwide. Niche hashtags are popular within a small community. These hashtags don’t have millions of followers like the trending hashtags. These hashtags are preferred by people who love to follow that particular niche. Therefore, these hashtags can help you to reach a much more relevant group of audiences. If you need help with hashtag strategy, consider contacting Iigers

If you have a small or local business, niche hashtags are perfect for you. Even though these hashtags aren’t as famous as trending hashtags, but will they will undoubtedly boost your brand image on Instagram. Additionally, you need to worry about your content getting lost in the crowd.


These are the top 7 best Instagram hashtag strategies for your business. Remember that hashtags are one of the most important factors of Instagram. Without the proper hashtags, you cannot increase your brand awareness. While choosing the hashtags, make sure they are relevant as well as meaningful.


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