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Your Facebook cover image is more important than you think. The online marketing mechanism on Facebook is a bit different than on any other social media. Paying attention to such details will help you to promote yourself or your business and become more recognizable on the platform. 

Here you have two options: you can make a banner on your own or choose from a long list of Facebook cover templates. The last option can save your time and prevent the long and tiring process of creation. In this article we will talk about how to create a high-quality cover image for your Facebook page and how a VistaCreate editor can help you.

How to make a banner on Facebook

The platform allows you to upload images on a cover not less than 820px wide by 312px tall for a desktop. For mobile devices, it is 640px wide by 360 tall. Also, when uploading a larger or smaller image Facebook does not stretch it, changing the quality. 

The platform will simply cut it to fit. It is recommended that you use a picture size of 820px wide by 360px tall for your banner. This will make it look good on computer and mobile versions. Remember, that on a desktop version Facebook will crop the top and bottom of the image, left and right on the phone. So, it is better to put important elements on your image closer to the center. This will make your banner visible on any device.

What should be on the cover

It depends on the type of business you’re trying to promote. There is no formula for making it all work correctly. But, you can ask yourself what could possibly attract your target audience, and then try to generate some ideas. Here are some examples of Facebook banners that can get some attention:

  • Upcoming events – advertisement on events (webinars, seminars, etc) with a few words about your project. Helps to get a response from a possible target audience. 
  • A brief illustration describing the benefits and features of your service or product – this will help people to understand the concept behind the promoted product or service.
  • UGC (User Generated Content) – fanart, photos of your clients using a product with positive feedback. Anything with real people and the content/service you’re selling. This will help you build trust with your clients. 
  • Team photo – knowing that there is a real team behind your project makes it more professional and serious.  

You can make your own image or illustration or choose from a long list of templates on VistaCreate. Here you can choose from more than 50 thousand professional templates with 50 million art resources for your project. To create a perfect design for a product, to promote it and to attract your target audience, you have all the tools required. 

Will it work?

The choice of banner is crucial for Facebook marketing strategy. You can make a name for yourself, which will help you to gain many followers or clients for your business, by choosing the right Facebook banner. Onсe you create a design for an account you can fill the page with content and will get recognition.

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