What is the difference between a wifi modem and a wifi router?






These days, almost all of us make sure that we have got wifi connection installed at our home. However, many of us do not understand the small technicalities of a wifi connection. One of the very basic things is the difference between a wifi modem and a wifi router. Both of these devices have blinking lights and come with Ethernet ports, so it becomes a little confusing to differentiate between these two. Therefore, let us highlight some differences between the two devices today.

What does a modem do?

A modem basically helps in connecting you to a Wide Area Network (WAN) or simply the internet. Modems come with at least one Ethernet port that is used for connecting to either a router or sometimes a computer. Most of the modems usually come with three ports. One of the ports is used for connecting to the internet, another is for connecting to the router, and the last one helps in connecting to a power source.

What does a router do?

A router helps in connecting devices to a Local Area Network (LAN) or a wifi network. A wifi router helps the devices communicate wirelessly. Routers are usually available in various types; however, the two commonly found are wired and wireless. You can connect the wired routers to your computers or other devices through a wired Ethernet connection. The wireless routers have in-built antennas that help to transmit the internet signal of the network wirelessly.

Do I need a modem or a router?

If you want to use a wifi connection or need to connect multiples devices, you need to get both modem and a router. However, for a smarter choice, you can go for a router with an inbuilt modem. This kind of device will serve both purposes. This is also called a wireless gateway. Setting it up is easy and it also takes lesser space.

If you are looking for this convenient option of a wireless gateway, you can check out the broadband connection offered by Airtel. The router offered by Airtel comes with an in-built modem, which means you can get the benefits of both devices in one. It is also a self-trouble shooting router, which means you do not have to spend time correcting any issues that it develops. The router offered by Airtel can also connect at least 10 devices at a time.  This means it is good for small families.

Besides the router and modem combo, you can also take a look at the various Airtel broadband plans. Starting from a speed of up to 40 Mbps to up to 1 Gbps, there are several internet speed that you can get from this brand. If you are looking for the fastest and uninterrupted internet service, then you can go for the VIP plan, which will give you an internet speed of up to 1 Gbps. This plan will enable you to upload and download heavy files in just a few seconds. Now you can visit the website of Airtel and check out the broadband plans along with the router details.

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