What is the minimum recharge of Airtel after porting?

There are many telecom customers in India who use the prepaid connection as their only mobile service. And as well talk about the prepaid connection, gone are the days when you would run out of balance in mid of an important discussion and you have to run to the nearest ultra mobile recharge store to recharge your mobile number. These days, you can simply carry out the recharge from your home sweet home and talk for as many hours as you want you want.

Now the only thing required is choosing a prepaid connection that lets the users enjoy some of the best prepaid plans. One of the leading telecom companies in the country that undoubtedly offers the best prepaid connection is Bharti Airtel. The network coverage that comes with Airtel prepaid connection is worth appreciating. Another thing for which many people are choosing Airtel prepaid is the pocket-friendly plans. You can get a plan for as low as INR 19 and enjoy it for 2 days. Apart from the unlimited talktime, you also get data, which is very important these days. There are in fact plans offered by Airtel that offer up to 3 GB of data per day.

One more thing that certainly impresses the users is the porting facility. It is quick and can be done from the comfort of your home. No matter which prepaid connection you have at present, you can port it to Airtel without any hassle. Let us all take a look at the prepaid plans that you can take while or after porting to Airtel prepaid.

  • The Airtel minimum recharge after porting to Airtel prepaid is INR 297. At INR 297, you can get 1.5 GB of data per, truly unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day with a validity period of 28 days. The benefits that come along with this plan include access to Airtel Xstream App and Wynk Music.
  • The other plan that you can take is INR 497. Just like INR 297 plan, you can get truly unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, 1.5 GB data per day; however, the validity period for this plan is 56 days. The benefits include access to Wynk Music and Airtel Xstream App.

Earlier, the time that used to take for porting within the state was 96 hours; however, it has been changed to 48 hours now. The porting timeline for national MNP has not been changed though.

If you want to port your number to Airtel prepaid, you can visit the website of Airtel and click on the Prepaid tab. From the dropdown, you can click on Port to Airtel Prepaid. Now you can select your preferred plan and continue with filling out the form. The details that you would need to mention are your name, phone number, address, and you can submit the form. You will soon get a call from the Airtel team who would ask you to keep your documents ready and fix a time that suits you for the submission of the documents. The documents will be delivered to your room and the same executive will hand over your free Airtel SIM card to you. Once your documents are submitted, your number will be activated.


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