What to do to get to the Tik Tok rivers


Despite the fact that recommendations often include videos without hashtags with hundreds of thousands of likes, you shouldn’t give up keywords. Any publication has a chance to get into the rivers, but often hashtags become a decisive factor.

Trending hashtags work well, they can be viewed in the “Interesting” tab. It is easier to shoot a high-quality video as part of a popular challenge, because there is already a topic for the video and an interested audience.

You can also use regional hashtags for promotion. If you include the name of your city or region in the description, you can get additional coverage.

You can use third-party services to select hashtags. They can pick up dozens of hashtag options for one keyword, and then sort them by popularity so that it will attract more tiktok likes and followers .

But you shouldn’t put a dozen hashtags, even if you really want to. It is better to limit yourself to 2-3 thematic keywords with because otherwise the algorithm of the social network will not be able to correctly determine the target audience of the video and will show the video to uninterested people.

Also, you don’t need to constantly put the same hashtags. The Tik Tok algorithm may consider this to be spam and stop promoting new content.


In order for the viewer to want to watch the video to the end, or even watch it several times, the image must be at the highest level. A blurry video without good lighting looks unprofessional and will turn off potential subscribers.

The first thing to work on is the picture quality. This does not require expensive video equipment or operator services. At least, if it’s not a publication for a large brand. To shoot a video in a decent quality, a more or less modern smartphone will be enough today.

Tik Tok

The next important point is light. If there is something wrong with the quality of the video or the background, then the right light will correct all the shortcomings. Again, spending money on professional equipment at the beginning of a blogging career is not worth it. Most tiktokers use a ring light that is easy to set up. They cost from one and a half to four thousand, depending on the diameter. For a beginner blogger, a lamp with a diameter of 26 centimeters with an adjustable tripod is enough. And if there is no money at all, then you can shoot a video in the sunlight by the window or on the street.

Video processing

Tik Tok is more willing to promote videos that are filmed and processed through the official app. Therefore, even if the video was filmed through a regular camera, and then processed using another program, then you should at least add music or a filter through TikTok.

[email protected] time

If you post a video at the wrong time, then there is a high probability that almost no one will see it. If the target audience of the video on the network is small, then the Tik Tok algorithm will show it to other users who may not be interested.

The easiest way to determine the best time to post is through your profile stats. There will be indicated the hours at which the largest number of followers is active – this will be the best time to upload the video. Access to statistics opens after the first hundred subscribers are recruited.

If you don’t have the required number of followers yet, you can experiment with better posting times. To do this, you need to shoot several videos, and then put them out at different times.

Many tiktokers upload videos between 17:00 and 19:00 – at this time there are most people on the network, so there are chances to successfully get into the recommendations. However, due to the large number of new videos, the competition is growing accordingly.

Cheat likes on TikTok

If Tik Tok does not want to promote the video in any way, then you need to help him. If you wind up the first likes on a video using third-party services, then the chances of hitting trends will greatly increase.

The method carries some risks. Firstly, such likes will most likely not be from the target audience, so after cheating, the Tik Tok algorithm will show it to everyone in a row. If the topic is narrow, then one should not wait for a violent reaction. Therefore, the method should be used if the video will be of interest to the general public.

Secondly, any cheating is prohibited by the rules of the social network. It’s not a fact that after the first time the account will be blocked, but if there is a blogging career in the plans, then you should not risk it. Better to use the other promotion tips in this article.


Sometimes it’s enough to pick a song well to hit the trend. Most big tiktokers aren’t looking for the perfect song for a video – they just take a popular track and record a new video with it.

To find a suitable song, it is enough to watch videos in the tape for ten minutes – popular tracks will be in every third or fourth video.

Video duration

Despite the fact that TikTok allows you to shoot videos up to a minute in length, this is not worth doing in most cases. The longer the video, the less likely it will be watched to the end, and the more likely it will be watched again. Long videos are usually shot by established bloggers who know their audience.

Most users come to TikTok for short and dynamic content, so it’s best to limit yourself to fifteen seconds.


With the help of the video description, you can influence the number of comments. It is enough just to write something involving, for example, ask a question. If the audience begins to write their opinion, then you need to try to make them talk further: ask questions, be interested in them. And so with every user. But then you can swim in likes and views.

If there are no comments, then you can use one trick: you need to create a second account and leave a provocative comment, past which viewers cannot pass. After the first answer, you need to continue to fuel the discussion, you can even connect the main account. The main thing is that people want not only to read, but also to express their own opinion. If everything works out, then soon viewers themselves will promote the video with their comments.

Chips – How to be popular in Tik Tok?

Sometimes, you need to use less obvious tricks to increase your chances of getting featured or just buy tictok followers to make your video viral.

Tik Tok

Fill many videos at once

If you shoot a dozen videos at once, and then fill them in every hour and a half, then the chances of getting into the recommendations greatly increase. The method works best on new accounts, because the Tik Tok algorithm usually gives a lot of views to publications of newbies. Therefore, the method is often used by experienced bloggers when they start promoting a new page.

Do not use the advice too fanatically. On YouTube, you can find a bunch of videos where tiktokers upload several dozen or even a hundred videos at a time in the hope of quickly making their account popular. Often, such experiments bring them only views on YouTube, but not subscribers on Tik Tok.

Reload unloaded video

The most obvious thing to do if a good video is out of trend is to re-upload it. Many bloggers do just that, but often it doesn’t work. The fact is that after posting any video, the Tik Tok algorithm remembers it. Therefore, if you post an old publication again, then the social network may consider it plagiarism. It doesn’t always end well: on the Internet, you can find user reports about bans after this.

Instead, it is better to shoot a new video, even if it completely duplicates the plot of the past. If there are inscriptions somewhere in the video, then they can be placed in other places. Perhaps the viewers will like the new version of the publication even more.

Videos stopped falling into rivers

If new videos are no longer included in the recommendations, then this means that the Tik Tok algorithm suspected the account of violating the rules of the social network. Promotion is usually stopped due to:

Musical copyright infringements. Usually performers or their representatives upload their tracks to the site themselves, and then make money on each publication using their work .. If the artist has not added his songs to the social network, and someone uses them in videos, then he can complain about the tiktoker;

Demonstration in the frame of a naked body (not in underwear, but in a swimsuit), smoking, drinking alcohol. Usually, if bloggers need to show a scene with something forbidden, they use pencils instead of cigarettes and water instead of alcohol, and they also often indicate this in the description;

Plagiarism. Usually they block those who upload other people’s videos without the consent of the copyright holder;

Cheat likes, comments, subscribers. Usually, TikTokers are caught violating daily limits;

Propaganda of violence, racism, terrorism;


If there are no serious violations on the account and this is its first shadow ban, then the restrictions are removed within two weeks (usually faster). On the contrary, if the author filmed extremist videos, then the account will be banned without the possibility of withdrawal.

To get out of the shadow ban, you need to delete all videos with violations and not show any activity for several days. It is better not to upload new videos for at least a week. If after this the restrictions are not removed, then you will have to wait two weeks. You can also report the problem to the support team.


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