Why Are Flat Roofs So Popular When It Comes To Commercial Buildings?

If you’re constructing a commercial building and are wondering which type of roof would suit it best, you may already have carried out research into Flat Roofing Installations in your area. The roof of choice for so many businesses, flat roofs are popular and effective, but are they right for your commercial building?

If you’re not so familiar with roofing types and need a little advice, here’s a brief guide to flat roofs and why they’re so popular for commercial buildings:

What is a flat roof and how do they work?

Flat roofs may be self-explanatory – in that they are exactly what the name suggests: a roof that’s flat – but it’s important to understand how they work if you’re ever to know whether it’s the right type of roof for your commercial building.

Flat roofs are incredibly versatile, and due to the nature of their construction, they offer businesses another flat surface to use should they need, or want to. Installed with a slight slope to prevent rainwater from pooling in areas where it shouldn’t and causing damage to the building’s very structure, flat roofs are affordable and effective.

Below we take a closer look at what makes flat roofs so advantageous for commercial buildings:

  • Versatility

Opening out the roofing space and making it usable – whether for extra storage, for securely stowing equipment for ventilation, or even for adding a swimming pool or terrace – flat roofs are incredibly versatile and present a wide array of space-related opportunities for businesses of all types.

  • Ease of maintenance

Without tiles or shingles to repair or replace, flat roofs are typically low-maintenance, and should they develop a problem, they’re much easier to access and fix.

  • Compatibility with environmentally friendly energy solutions

Flat roofs are the perfect space for solar panel systems to be installed on, and with solar becoming more affordable and beneficial with every passing year, more and more businesses are opting for flat roofs coupled with solar panels.

  • Great investment

With the raw materials used in the installation of a flat roof affordable to source, and their great durability and longevity, flat roofs make for a sound investment for the future.

  • Aesthetics

Flat roofing in Canterbury can help a commercial building look clean and tidy, and thanks to their flat and unobtrusive design, they can help a building blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

However, while there are a good number of advantages associated with flat roofs, it’s important to be aware that they may not be the right type of roof for every building.

Factors to consider that may not make a flat roof the ideal choice:

While flat roofs are designed to support adequate drainage, it’s worth noting that they may still experience issues with water drainage and pooling at some stage. Without drainpipes to carry water away from the roof, excess water may be inclined to pool there, which if left untreated, can lead to the building becoming flooded.

Additionally, debris and waste products have a tendency to collect on flat roofs, and if not cleaned away, can present a risk to the building and look unsightly.

That said, both of the problems mentioned here can be prevented with regular maintenance checks, and timely action to clear away excess water or debris.

With regular maintenance – which is easy to carry out due to the nature of the roof – a flat roof could be the ideal choice for your commercial building, and to discuss your roofing options in greater detail, simply schedule a consultation with a local roofing company.


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