A Concise Guide for Planning a Trip to Canada from India

Canada has always been on the travel bucket list of many globetrotters, especially the ones from India. The beautiful landscapes, cobbled street walks, beautiful landmarks, and delicious cuisine are some of the reasons that people want to visit Canada at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re going to turn this travel dream into a reality, this guide can help you prepare for the travel. Whether you want to surprise your kid by organizing and celebrating his birthday in Canada or just want to explore the place to quench your travel thirst- this guide is here to help.

While most Canada travel guides tell you about the places to visit and things to do, we also touch on other important points that quite a lot overlook. From ways to make the most from your Canada trip to information on obtaining a Canada visa from India, we’ve covered everything in this guide. So read till the end and prepare your itinerary accordingly.

Start Searching for a Good International Travel Insurance

If you don’t want to lose money at the last moment due to flight cancellations or end up with bad travel memories due to luggage theft, it is best to get comprehensive online travel insurance. Since there are many providers, it will take time to go through the coverage, cost, terms, and conditions of each. So the best option will be to start searching for it early.

Just like medical insurance provides peace of mind and necessary support during the time of need, travel insurance will do the same to ensure you enjoy a tension-free and hassle-free trip to Canada. Having the best travel insurance can save you from financial losses arising from baggage theft, a medical emergency in a foreign land, flight cancellation, modification of trip dates, etc.

Apply for a Visa

There is no point in preparing for your Canada trip if you don’t have a valid tourist Canada visa from India. A wise way to prepare for your Canada trip is by applying for a visa first and then focusing on preparing the Canada itinerary. For applying for a visa, you should submit the following documents at an authorized visa center online/offline:

  • 3 color pictures
  • Passport showing validity of at least six months from your scheduled date of travel
  • Duly filled application form
  • Identity & civil status documents
  • Proof of accommodation and confirmed tickets
  • Medical certificate showing no signs of chronic diseases
  • Leave sanction/NOC from workplace/college

Besides these documents, additional documents may also be asked based on the individual case. If you have been making money online, be sure to attach proof of financials so the authorities can confirm you have enough funds to sustain yourself financially during your Canada trip. You may also be asked about your online travel insurance, so be sure to keep all the details handy.

Make the Most from Your Upcoming Trip

If you’re a health-conscious person, you will love exploring the place on foot. Canada has the best transportation network, but if you want to explore the place like a local, try to visit most places on foot, as you’ll get to see a lot more that way.

Else, you can always look for transportation passes, so you don’t have to stand in long ticket lines. If you don’t want to visit the mainstream sightseeing suggestions, consider booking a travel guide who will take you on an excursion and show you the places usually hidden by most tourists.

If you haven’t been to Canada before, don’t forget to visit Niagara Falls, Old Quebec, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Banff Gondola, and Myra Canyon Park. These stunning places are guaranteed to amaze you with their beauty, so do pay a visit.

You can find many cruise excursions, guided tours, and more on reliable travel booking sites, so be sure to purchase tickets for those. It will ensure you have fun and the best company.

Now that you have a clear idea of preparing for your upcoming Canada trip, get started and take the necessary actions. If you’re on a global exploration mode, you can also apply for a UK visa, as it is another beautiful destination worth visiting.

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